Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ideolgues and Ideas

August 15,2012

Today Obama, by executive edict, added nearly 2 Million more people to the U.S. workforce. That brings the under/unemployed rate to what now? 16%??? 20%???Does it make much difference how Epic the failure of the Ideologue-in-Chief really turns out to be? It's not like the "media Water Carriers" will be helping anyone remember the High Crimes and Misdemeanors required to be such a staunch Ideologue as Obama has turned out to be.

On a separate note, something the left has proven time and again and beyond a shadow of a doubt. When the left attempts anything Illegal or Immoral, the left will project onto their opposition, that which they will be attempting. Example, you say? Ok, How about this...Just in recent history, every time the left attempted to circumvent the Rule of Law, the left accused the opposition of?... you guessed it... circumventing the Rule of Law. (The amount of specific examples, with names, loc, etc., are too many to list here. But, if any Libs want to read my 64 pg report on the subject, then feel free to email me directly for a copy at

I stated the preceding in order to state the following:

The amount of attention to Voter Fraud by Obama's Attack Dog Eric Holder and his DOJ, supposedly perpetrated by Republicans, is another projection by the left. Obama has a Tell, to use a poker metaphor. The left is selling out their intent to give cover for any Voter Fraud, by the right individuals.

Let me also say to the Establishment Republicans... unless you want the entire country to believe that you are working with the left, politically, you had better be prepared to investigate, fight and take to court, any attempt by the DOJ to provide cover for Dem Voter Fraud. I will also say that if the Establishment Republicans think that the "Dreamers", or at least a large percentage of them, will NOT be attempting to vote in 2012, for Obama...then you are acting and thinking in as naive a manner as you accuse the Tea Party or Libertarians of.

Another thing the Establishment Republicans need to get through their expansive craniums, as they look fondly down their collective noses at the "regular Joes", is that like most Americans, we want a solution and a choice made, as to the path we need to take for America's future. So, if "conservative" or "Tea Party" or "Libertarian" principles are such a detriment to your agenda and your idea of what the future of America should look like, then act like you have some intestinal fortitude and confidence in your argument and just lay out your plans for the future and let us poor dolts be impressed with how smart you are and how much foresight you have. I mean seriously, with as much intellectual firepower as Establishment Republicans can bring to bare... then surely, you can convince doubters, on your side of the aisle, how your plans for the future of America, will be so much better than what the Tea Party or the Libertarians or even conservatives are asking for.

Lastly, and with all due respect to those Establishment Republicans who will "feel" insulted by someone they believe to be their inferior or by the statements I have made here...I have only made these statements for the sake of Party Unity and for the sake of keeping your wisdom and experience in the Republican Party. As I'm sure you have noticed the Establishment type Republicans are being systematically retired by the Tea Party/Conservative/Libertarian types, with greater frequency at each subsequent election. If for no other reasons than practicality and self preservation, let me ask you to move closer to the principles of the rest of us in "THE TENT" or convince the rest of us that your ideas will work better or to a minimum, recognize that this 100 year old experiment of Hybridizing Socialism and Capitalism is an economy wrecking, epic failure and use that experience to lift everyone, not just a few of you.

One thing is for certain,... If you Establishment Republicans continue to, in Liberal fashion, betray, belittle, attack or suppress Freedom and Freedom Loving Americans,we will continue to vote you out of power.It's only been two elections since this started and look at how many you have lost. You will not be able to turn enough new Tea Party Reps or Senators to hold power within the next two or three elections, so before the extinction of the Establishment, please Act!... Just not like Obama!

God Bless America!


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