Saturday, September 15, 2012

How To Deal With "The Enemy Media" & Win...

I Really wasn't planning to update this post again, (Famous Last Words) BUT, the Rousing Successes exhibited by top conservatives like Sen Ted Cruz & of course, the Star of the Show, Donald Trump, requires me to say,... You have to challenge the propagandists & force them to write about you! If they go negative or exhibit their "Obvious" Bias, the public will get on your side! ENOUGH,... with the apologies & tail between your legs attitude of Stockholm Syndrome Suffering RINOS! SURRENDERS & Lies to get in office will no longer be tolerated. The American people are speaking, if not SHOUTING... FIGHT FOR US & We Will Vote for you... Betray us & we're DONE with you! The Funny thing, of course, is that the the one using this "Concept" I speak of in this post, most effectively, is a Renegade RINO, in the form of Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is a man I respected his accomplishments, but politically, he was always a Democrat. Clinton supporter. Amnesty Supporter. Obama voter. With all this & more which I won't go into, because everybody knows his story, Mr. Trump has shown that if you take "Conservative Positions" on Major Issues, you have ALL the power & ability to beat the leftist propagandists & RINO Stooges who will be trying to get you.

Ted Cruz has shown his much more "Politically Correct" form of taking on the propagandists, especially, in the "Gotcha" type questions LIB Propagandists attempt most in one-on-one interviews, as opposed to the more "Candidate Controlled" confines of the "presser".

It will be interesting to watch the Pre & Post Debate numbers for the candidate who shows, the more effective "Use" of the leftist propagandists, in order to get their message out, and by using the same tactics & concepts, I've been describing for the last several years/elections with this post.

Read thru this post & tell me you're not seeing this very concept, In Practice,... AND SUCCEEDING... This is the Future of dealing with a HOSTILE media that sees you as more of a threat than Islamic Terrorists!  

I wanted to update this post for Conservatives, Libertarians & Evangelicals who will be in the middle of a Primary/General Election fight and trying to remove another Back Stabbing RINO, from the Dem Plantation in 2014 & 2016 Elections!

The difference, of course, we now know that the Obama Regime is in Direct Control of the Propaganda Ministry, we laughingly call the media! So how does anyone fight the Establishment? It's no different than what I explained in this concept before the 2012 elections! Just understand that the Repub Establishment(RINOs) are your Enemies, just like their CO-Conspirators, the LIB/Dems! The Karl Rove types & the Reince Priebus' are actively working against you!

I have spoken of Col. West, in the sense that he tried to work from the inside of the RINO lair, only to find out that, the sting in his back, was a RINO KNIFE protruding from it!

There's an important update to make so everybody understands that taking on LIBS and/or the Ministry of Propaganda is neither difficult nor complicated. One of the best exegesis on this subject I have ever scene was given by Breitbart contributor & Truth Revolt Founder Ben Shapiro! Ben became the Darling of the right with his EPIC take down of Piers Morgan on his CNN Show. His breakdown of how to take on or debate LIBS is the perfect and noteworthy example of what I speak of in this article. Do yourself a favor & take notes when you watch this:

Some people have the ability to learn from their mistakes, while others will not allow themselves to learn for many reason which I will not go into here, but the situation is such, that it doesn't take an Ivy league degree, to see what's happening, right before your eyes!

Let's get a few things straight & out of the way;

1. The more effectively a Republican "Smacks Down" a Democrat, the more aggressive the media will attack said Republican. So much so that, you can use the media sycophants level of insanity or intensity, in their "reactions", to gauge how effective your points/statements have been.

2. If you do as the media attack dogs want you to do (Namely, to shut up & not attack you will be excoriated, humiliated and attacked just the same, only at the enemy's leisure and in the manner that "Obama's Ministers of Propaganda", see fit. The McCain 2008 campaign is the obvious example of what I'm speaking of here. The most predictable outcome is also what the McCain 2008 campaign showed, a defeat that could've and should've been avoided. But that last opinion, is of no consequence to this or any future election if you refuse to learn and change the way you go about running a campaign & dealing with your base.

3. Every time one of you Rinos, liberal Republicans or the Republican Establishment, "Sucks Up" to the media, for whatever reason (and I'm sure you have many excuses) justified or not, it will be used against the candidate, by the media, and in today's climate, will make the RINOs, again, look like cowards nationally & Idiots to their base! Get control of the ones who want to suck up to the Obama's Ministry of Propaganda, because in no way, shape, form or fashion, does it benefit those in power, the "RINOs".The days of pandering to the media & getting something in return, are long over. These suicidal tactics, will only motivate your base, even more, to remove(by voting you out) any vestige of your former glory & power. Obama's Ministry of Propaganda will not, under any circumstance, switch to "Your Side", if you will, or treat you the way they do the Democrats and they will not give Republicans equal or unbiased coverage!NO MATTER WHAT!

So what's the answer?

Do something different & act like you have some intestinal fortitude. As I said before, the media is going to attack you & your candidates, but what you have not done is to put the Propaganda Ministers on trial in their own "Kangaroo Court" (Press Conferences or Pressers). What am I talking about, you ask? Follow me here for a minute. What have been the media questions or plan of attack(memes),so far?

- That Romney killed a steel worker's wife.
- That Mitt is keeping secrets by not showing more tax returns, than 2 years.
- That Romney lied or lies about Medicare.
- That Romney hates women, because he's against Abortion on demand & paid for by the public.

All Specious BS, from beginning to end, but since you haven't had the ability, guts or know how, to fight them properly, for whatever the reason, these media attacks have been effective to varying degrees. I could go on, but what I'm trying to get across is not a point by point retort or refutation to the media attack dogs questions, statements or attitudes, but an effective formula for putting the media on trial, at the same time they are trying to crucify their enemy(enemy to the media, would be anyone politically, to the right of Hugo Chavez). Let me also say that, the more vicious the media attacks are or become, the easier & more effective this concept will be. See the media, know matter what their feelings, will still have to produce their  product. If they don't, then the "New Media" will "scoop" them more & more regularly. The thought of the "so called main stream media", losing their readership/viewership has been disconcerting among their ranks, for some time now. The thought of being seen as ineffective or at the same level as the "New Media", is enough to cause mass hysteria amongst the pseudo-intellectual "wanna be's", that comprise today's main stream media attack dogs. I say that because, in the past, when someone made the media look foolish, biased, ignorant or dead wrong, they simply wouldn't report it.The candidate being interviewed or questioned, would allow the next attack dog to change the subject & something else would be reported. Whatever the person being interviewed did or said that was effective, was lost to the editing booth and never seen nor heard from again.What I'm saying is that it's time for the candidates to decide what he/she will be talking about and not the Water Carriers & attack dogs!


I had to add this due to a post which struck a nerve. This is a post from an All America Girl & Blogger, who went through the same classes & learned the same "Journalistic Ethics", which were taught to the Obama Jihadi media!The question we all have to ask is; Why are these "ethical Concepts", so clear to some and yet so unimportant to the Obama's Ministry of NAZI Propaganda & the Leftist Ideologues, they defend, to the detriment of America and it's people? This All American Girl and her Blog, "Ifiwerepresident", have many articles and points to make, but I'm linking to this article due to a list of conclusions and her final statement. These "Conclusions and Narratives", Obama's Ministry of NAZI Propaganda, have used to push their Ideology to the point of such bias, they have Be-clowned themselves, their employers & this country! In my opinion, the Obama's NAZI Ministry of Propaganda, has declared "WAR" on the America, which refuses to be enslaved by their hateful Ideology& must now be fought, like America fights the Muslim Jihadis, who are attempting, in like fashion, to destroy America and the west! Please follow this link and understand the basis of the bias. Here's that Link:
 Ifiwerepresident: A Message for the Unbiased News Journalists

Here's how to do that take on the Obama's Ministry of Propaganda & Win:

Let's take for instance, the Brilliant and Presidential move by Mitt Romney, to condemn the response , by the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, to the attack/Act of War, by the Islamist Mob(& as we know now Preplanned attack, having nothing to do with any movie) on 9/11/2012. Romney's statement was so effective, I thought certain media members were going to have a stroke or some kind of psychotic episode while on the air. So much so, that the following days "News Conference", several of the media "Water Carriers", were caught on tape, coordinating their attack before the "press conference/Kangaroo Court"!

Here's an idea of the attack dog bias I speak of:

The point here is to take away the Propaganda Minister's power and to not allow them to attack. This concept requires the "Righteous Indignation" of the candidate to turn around & begin answering the attack dogs' questions with questions, but with questions that condemn both the media and the Democrat, the media is Attacking for/working for/helping to get elected!

Getting back to the example at hand, if Mitt would, upon being asked the first "biased " question, designed to make him look bad, would have immediately turned it around with something to the effect of... "Are you really asking me that?"(Indignantly) "Let me answer that like this... Are you saying that We as Americans & the man in the White House should cow tow, to a group who is actively trying to kill us?" Or; "Are you saying that we should put our collective tails between our legs and accept these ridiculous statements as Rational Thought?" Or; Are you seriously proposing that the so-called leader of this Great Nation, go back to Jimmy Carter type policies, that turned out to be the beginning's of the Islamist Movement and has been directly responsible for Millions of deaths, since then? Is that really what you're asking? The important part, that has to be followed, with out exception is control by questioning the interrogators. The point here is not the question itself, asked by the candidate, but to take control of the "Presser" by making them answer the candidates question, or the concept & this process, will not work. If they do not answer the candidate immediately, then point to the next "reporter" or call the next one by name, preferably a well known, but slow attack dog(think Andrea Mitchell Type) and before they can get a question out, repeat your question to them and make them answer it! If they ask another question or try to change the subject, Ask it again! If they don't answer you,(and this is important) Speak over them with the statement, "Ok, since you don't want to answer my question, let me go to ______(call out a different reporter by name) & here the candidate, again must appear indignant, until the candidate get's an answer(which will usually be really poorly thought out, since the attack dogs were not ready to be put on the defensive) or the candidate gets disgusted with the reporters and can finish up with, whatever statement the candidate wants to make & leaves the hapless & ineffective looking media screaming in his wake or in stunned silence, as he leaves.(more likely the former)

I'm not going to go into all the details, because this is not a position paper. This is simply a strategy for getting the hostile opposition Propaganda Ministry to report on negative things to the Democrat candidate. In this example, whatever Obama is responsible for, and at the same time, make his attack dogs & water carriers look hateful, spiteful & ineffective. This concept is neither difficult or complicated. It has only to be adapted in slight ways in order to stay ahead of "Obama's Propaganda Ministry", who treats you as the enemy, no matter how much you "RINOs" prefer them & agree with them, rather than your base.

It is my only wish that you, as well as , the Republican Party, begin gaining Registrations to the party, based on your better ideas, better ideology and your effective work, not just because of the disaster that occupies the White House, in part, thanks to your ineffective strategies, in 2008!

The details and questions to be asked, when implementing this simple & effective concept, will not be posted anywhere, so that the enemy does not take advantage of such an easy process. I'm sure you have people on staff saying,"I wish we could get them to ask...." I am also sure you have the talent at your disposal, to skillfully take apart Obama's Propaganda Ministers, by using this simple concept. By association, you will also beat whoever the media is shilling for that day or that campaign.What you do have to stop though, is the McCain 2008 style strateegerie, of doing what "Obama's Ministry of Propaganda" wants or tells you to do!

So in conclusion, you can continue to accept the media attacks, which you will never change or you can begin to turn the tables on them & take away their power by using, their own "Kangaroo Courts" against them and do it before they make you lose what power you have left. If you wish to test it, this is a simple process to learn and I would suggest a Mike Lee or a Ted Cruz, to take the first shots across the bow of Obama's Propaganda Ministry, attack dogs. You just can't let your "UN-named Republican Strategists" tell everybody Lee or Cruz, is going "Rogue" or anything other than a united front, backing the person you trot out to take down the attack dogs.

Now Do I really believe that Reince Priebus, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell or their behind the scenes RINO Leaders will do anything about this? Only if they want to keep the power they will likely lose in the next 2 or 4 elections,but NO, not really!


Here's another part to this concept;

When Mitt get's another "In The Tank" question...

Mitt: (Laughs and says) "You know, if you folks were any more in the tank for my opponent, you would be bringing your lunch in the same bucket you carry Obama's Water in! Now, let me see... Is there anyone here who's not totally in the tank for my opponent?" He then points to & calls only New Media members for that Presser.

The Republican Establishment, Rinos & Liberal Repubs, just don't get the fact that they cause more damage to themselves when they kiss up to the left. They are bound & determined to commit political suicide, just like the McCain 2008 campaign. Well, I guess they'll get what they deserve. They will be treated like the back stabbing traitors they are showing themselves to be!

No I'm not psychic and No I did not start the recall petitions against McRINO & his buddy!

Update II:

Here's another part of this concept that the Lib in these hacks have real trouble with:

When getting a question from a left point of view, Ask Obama's Ministry of Propaganda:

Let me answer that this way, How does it FEEL to you, to know that in attempting to cover for the Obama Regime/Administration, You Are Now Complicit In The Murder Of The 4 Americans? How Do You FEEL about Having American Blood on YOUR HANDS? How do you Sleep at night, knowing your helping someone cover up the murder, torture & rape of Americans? Also, now that we know Obama's Holding, Hiding & Threatening, more than 30 American Hostages from Benghazi, Why are you covering for a Rogue Regime that Holds American Hostages?  I could go on but you get the picture. The point is to turn questions from the left, into accusatory questions to "Obama's Ministry of Propaganda".

This interaction should end by the candidate stating: Disgusting! I have to talk to a normal person & point to & call by name a "New Media Reporter"!

Final Update:

Here's the last part of this concept I will make available. A detailed position paper will be made available for sale to any Candidates or Campaign MGR's. This will not be for sale to the media or the general public!

As a candidate, the last month before the election becomes crucial to get on the offensive, in order to keep the Ministers of Propaganda, talking about you! They will be looking to trip you up so, you have to go after them, before they get their footing!
At the beginning of the presser, candidate will make a statement. Before going to any questions candidate states: "OK, so there's no fiasco's or childish games, let's go to the reporters instead of the Propagandists this time" and calls a "New Media" member by name.
Once the question is answered, expect "Obama's Ministers of Propaganda" to scream and/or throw tantrums! At which point, the candidate states indignantly: "You see! I'm not psychic! I just know you biased media types and I will not recognize Tantrum Throwing Bombers"! Candidate immediately goes to another "New Media" member. It is very likely the "Ministers of Propaganda" will Shout over the chosen reporter. This is when the Candidate has to be firm, like disciplining a child. "Hey! Shut up and let the reporter talk or get out!" Look immediately to the person asking the question and say, "Now where were you before you were so rudely interrupted?"

Do Not allow Obama's Ministers of Propaganda, a question, when you use this tactic, or you lose control and lose the battle! Always remember that as a Republican, you will not get a fair shake from "Obama's Ministry of Propaganda". However, using this concept to it's fullest potential, you will get your message to the public and the "Ministers of Propaganda" will look like they are trying to get you, which makes you the Underdog" and America Loves The Feisty Underdog!

God Bless America!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some People Say... I'm A Little ADD...


...That I have a tendency to try to start too many projects and have too many balls in the air, so to speak. Others say I have the same tendency when I write. All I can say, in my defense is, I easily see how totally different subjects can be connected by the proper segue or the proper poetic license. Our President and Euro-Socialsist Ideologue-in-Chief makes it even easier by following, almost word for word, Alinsky, Cloward & Pivin and the Marxist Manifesto. I'll try to show you what I mean.

I heard a radio personality talking about the fact that the ACLU along with Obama's Fed's, are again in court attacking the State of Florida for not providing Kosher meals to inmates. The Host, who shall remain nameless til I can Get Ok to use his name, was very animated and stated: "Let Them Suck on Bread!" One of his first callers to the show added, "If they followed their religion, they would not be in jail, to begin with!" Our host then suggested, "We the people of Florida don't have any obligation to spend millions more dollars, we don't have and I don't care if it's Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu....NO!"

Personally, I think that Prison Systems should be able to contract Charities/Organizations to pay for specialized meals for dietary customs. If the Organizations want access to the prisoners, they can pay for the privilege. Not that lawmakers would ever listen to a "Regular Joe" like you or me, but there it is. Let me just say, that the STATES are burdened enough as it is.

Not to change the subject, but let me change the subject... After all, Obama did "Rape" Medicare of $716Billion(Can You Hear Carl Sagan), 716 BiLLion Dollars.  The state will have to find ways to make up for Obama Stealing 716 BiLLion Dollars from States Medicare to pay for... Get THIS!... Young Peoples Healthcare!(ObamaTaxCare a further burden for states).

Yes, that's right, this "Rape of Medicare", by Obama to pay for "YOUNG PEOPLES HEALTHCARE", can be avoided if enough Democrats lose their seats in the Senate and Romney wins in November. Even then, will Harry Reid and the Democrats Filibuster and continue to block Senate Voting, again.

So keep in mind my fellow American Voters; A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Obama to Rip Off Medicare of 716 BiLLion Dollars from State Medicare. To the contrary a vote for Romney-Ryan is your vote to put those stolen 716 BiLLion Dollars, back into State Medicare. You get to help save Medicare if you vote for Romney-Ryan. Now there's a "Feather in Your Cap"!

Or... we could talk about the "Epic Failure" of the Euro-Socialist Ideologue-in-Chief's, "Extreme Left Wing Ideology". Obama Economy? Let's see, how can I put this? How about?... In a headlong rush to a 'Double Dip Recession" thanks to the "Double Down on Failure" Strategy and policies of, Euro-Socialist Ideals, policies and strategies.

No? Would you rather talk about the Ideology which allows for supplying guns to Gangs,Terrorists and Drug Cartels, for the sake of circumventing the 2nd Amendment. Ideology which Bloodies the Mr. Obama's hands with the Blood of Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata, Thousands of Mexicans (What? Did you stop counting?), Guatemalans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, etc. and this Ideological act, will add to the Death Tolls for years to come.


So if you think my ADD kicked in to hard and I should be Medicated, Please let me know so I can change the subject... two or three times. How are all these connected? I don't know...I thought you were paying attention! Do I have to do everything around here and while I'm at it....

One more thing! Pray for our troops, please! They are the Future that connects us to the past of the Founders!

God Bless America!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ideolgues and Ideas

August 15,2012

Today Obama, by executive edict, added nearly 2 Million more people to the U.S. workforce. That brings the under/unemployed rate to what now? 16%??? 20%???Does it make much difference how Epic the failure of the Ideologue-in-Chief really turns out to be? It's not like the "media Water Carriers" will be helping anyone remember the High Crimes and Misdemeanors required to be such a staunch Ideologue as Obama has turned out to be.

On a separate note, something the left has proven time and again and beyond a shadow of a doubt. When the left attempts anything Illegal or Immoral, the left will project onto their opposition, that which they will be attempting. Example, you say? Ok, How about this...Just in recent history, every time the left attempted to circumvent the Rule of Law, the left accused the opposition of?... you guessed it... circumventing the Rule of Law. (The amount of specific examples, with names, loc, etc., are too many to list here. But, if any Libs want to read my 64 pg report on the subject, then feel free to email me directly for a copy at

I stated the preceding in order to state the following:

The amount of attention to Voter Fraud by Obama's Attack Dog Eric Holder and his DOJ, supposedly perpetrated by Republicans, is another projection by the left. Obama has a Tell, to use a poker metaphor. The left is selling out their intent to give cover for any Voter Fraud, by the right individuals.

Let me also say to the Establishment Republicans... unless you want the entire country to believe that you are working with the left, politically, you had better be prepared to investigate, fight and take to court, any attempt by the DOJ to provide cover for Dem Voter Fraud. I will also say that if the Establishment Republicans think that the "Dreamers", or at least a large percentage of them, will NOT be attempting to vote in 2012, for Obama...then you are acting and thinking in as naive a manner as you accuse the Tea Party or Libertarians of.

Another thing the Establishment Republicans need to get through their expansive craniums, as they look fondly down their collective noses at the "regular Joes", is that like most Americans, we want a solution and a choice made, as to the path we need to take for America's future. So, if "conservative" or "Tea Party" or "Libertarian" principles are such a detriment to your agenda and your idea of what the future of America should look like, then act like you have some intestinal fortitude and confidence in your argument and just lay out your plans for the future and let us poor dolts be impressed with how smart you are and how much foresight you have. I mean seriously, with as much intellectual firepower as Establishment Republicans can bring to bare... then surely, you can convince doubters, on your side of the aisle, how your plans for the future of America, will be so much better than what the Tea Party or the Libertarians or even conservatives are asking for.

Lastly, and with all due respect to those Establishment Republicans who will "feel" insulted by someone they believe to be their inferior or by the statements I have made here...I have only made these statements for the sake of Party Unity and for the sake of keeping your wisdom and experience in the Republican Party. As I'm sure you have noticed the Establishment type Republicans are being systematically retired by the Tea Party/Conservative/Libertarian types, with greater frequency at each subsequent election. If for no other reasons than practicality and self preservation, let me ask you to move closer to the principles of the rest of us in "THE TENT" or convince the rest of us that your ideas will work better or to a minimum, recognize that this 100 year old experiment of Hybridizing Socialism and Capitalism is an economy wrecking, epic failure and use that experience to lift everyone, not just a few of you.

One thing is for certain,... If you Establishment Republicans continue to, in Liberal fashion, betray, belittle, attack or suppress Freedom and Freedom Loving Americans,we will continue to vote you out of power.It's only been two elections since this started and look at how many you have lost. You will not be able to turn enough new Tea Party Reps or Senators to hold power within the next two or three elections, so before the extinction of the Establishment, please Act!... Just not like Obama!

God Bless America!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

      A different celebration on Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

Please understand that by no means am I claiming to be a writer, nor journalist, nor anything else but a regular Joe, who wants the same opportunities and freedoms as our forefathers. Do not confuse me with some intellectual, academician, nor scholar of any sort. I am just a regular American Joe, stuck in the wilds of a socialist state takeover and asking, “Where is the country of Washington and Franklin and Jefferson and Madison. Where are the intellectual, heavyweight battles, fought by  the likes of Madison, Jefferson and Adams. Where is the courage of men like John Hancock, who purposely wrote his name so big on the Declaration of Independence just so King George would see his name, even without his glasses and left no doubt who stood against the King. This, as opposed to today, when we fight Copper Heads instead of Loyalists. The Copper Heads of old, fought to maintain physical slavery. The Copper Heads of today fight to maintain their financial and intellectual slaves on the slave plantation which is the Democrat party. The thought of us peasants and peons being free to choose anything but what they allow, is anathema to the pseudo-intellectual, elitist wannabe’s( Copper Heads) aka the Democrat party owners of today. Their socialist takeover of the Democrat party almost complete, they now turn their sites on the opposition and getting their “properly indoctrinated” minions to work for the cause of the big government/socialist takeover.

The Democrat operatives and their masters, are doing their damnedest to improve the unemployment problem by hiring and paying their minions to troll internet sites and do whatever they can to stifle and confuse their biggest enemy in the world, the right(conservatives). It’s the latest incarnation of the lefts political prowess. The problem, of course, is the law of unintended consequence. Having proven repeatedly throughout history that they prefer to destroy this country than to live in it without socialism and big government control, they are showing their desperation, by throwing any and everything they can up against the wall to see what sticks and with no thought towards the repercussions of their attacks on fellow Americans. In this election it seems to be coming back to bite them in their backsides.

What the left is accomplishing, so far, is igniting a rather large group of Patriots to use the same guerrilla tactics on sites like ABC, CNN, etc… but that’s only the beginning. Soon you will see the Right’s Patriots, going after the left wing extremists  or Copper Head sites and the rest of the left’s “Goon Squads”. The “Copper Heads, Goon Squads” are starting to see some strange reactions to tactics that only a few weeks or months ago, would start some crazily off topic threads on conservative sites, but today they find a, “whatever Troll” response and an immediate appearance by a group of Patriots on a left wing site, accomplishing the exact thread hijacking that was only just attempted by the left’s “Goon Squads”.  These “Goon Squads” or Copper Heads or Democrat operatives, or whatever you want to call them, are the spiritual descendents of the telemarketers in boiler rooms of the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s, this is the 21st century telemarketer,  now sitting behind a keyboard instead of a phone and in their parents basements, instead of a Boiler Room in Miami. Working in their underwear, instead of thousand dollar suits and silk ties. They are still trying to scam you out of your money, but today they also scam you out of your rights. The Copper Heads of today, instead of running off to Canada, simply walk out on Contempt votes in Congress. Their minions instead of joining the Confederacy are joining the army of Northern Virginia, ie… the Goon Squads of Democrat Operatives trying to demoralize anyone who won’t vote for the Maoist Messiah which occutards the White House at the moment.

The bigger problem for the left, is that the formerly uninterested and uninformed are now getting the other side of the story. This is something the left will fight tooth and nail, because in all things from the political left, “Ignorance is Bliss” and any idea from the right is to be shut down or spun or lied about, amongst the uninformed, immediately, else their carefully crafted indoctrination falls apart like a house of cards in a hurricane. Once that cat, is out of the bag and people start to think for themselves, the Copper Heads’ little world comes apart under the weight of simple common sense and no amount of demeaning or intimidation gets that cat, back into that bag, of used kitty litter, which is liberal ideology.
It is always interesting to see the left’s reaction, when their own tactics are used, effectively against them. The angered hatred that arises on the left is truly funny to watch. The shrill screams of racism will abound. When they see that that’s not working they’ll start getting the Formerly mainstream media involved to try and help stop the “Patriots” but, by that time it, will be too late and they’ll start screaming/whining some other childish response like, “Swift Boating” or whatever they can come up with at that time.

The left is going to have to now spend Millions of dollars more, fighting the “Patriots”, which the so called intellectuals of the left believe, is money that should be going to an already troubled reelection campaign for the ONE that they were waiting for. They will attempt to get the Brett Kimberlin’s of the Democrat party to come after the “Patriots”. They will get operatives in the IRS to confiscate and/or hold bank accounts. They will send any and every hateful attack they can muster.  All this because the Copper Heads, the left, don’t know how to keep the march towards socialism going and fight the ideals the founders put together, for the specific purpose of keeping petty little tyrants like themselves from doing what they are trying to do, without the consent of the people.
I sit here on the 1st of Aug. 2012, having just watched an astounding display, where some people were celebrating Freedom of Speech or Religion. Some people were celebrating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the Copper Heads were angered by the victory of the people over socialist ideals. Yet here I sit celebrating the coming battle to retrieve my beloved country from the ravages of the Copper Heads and their Goon Squads on all aspects of a free society. I celebrate the wisdom of the Founders and the lack of intellectual integrity of the adversary. I celebrate those American modern day Patriots, who refuse to bow to King ObamaTax and his Copper Heads, the way Leonidas and the 300 refused to bow to the oppression of Xerxes, let alone the Copper Heads, trifling trolls, bearing their gifts of hatred, racism and total government control.  I celebrate the Patriots who fight the ignorance instilled by indoctrination. The Copper Head, lack of forethought and/or consideration for the repercussions of their attacks on fellow Americans will not stop until it becomes blatantly obvious, that the damage done to their cause, is greater than any benefit it brings.

So, go on Patriots, use the weight and power of the Copper Heads and their Goon Squads against them. Make them pay for attempting to take your freedom away. Make the Copper Heads feel the pain of their UNAMERICAN ideology of destruction, dominion and humiliation. I celebrate you American Patriots on this 1st of Aug, 2012. Americas Independence Day from big government over reach and socialist oppression, Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day! Thank you Gov. Huckabee!
That Shining City on the Hill must be protected. That true hope of the future put forth by Reagan is a mentality that needs to be maintained and nourished with “Truth to Power” and “American Exceptionalism” and there is no amount of liberal hatred or left wing demoralization, that will prevent us from defending our country from being run into the ground by your “Goon Squads” of paid Democrat operatives and Copper Heads.

I know full well, that I will be attacked with all manner of hateful racist, anti-American accusations and I just don’t care I have nothing left to lose. All the left could accomplish by attacking me or any other American regular Joe, is to make him or her, famous enough to run for office, ala “Joe the Plumber”. So go ahead. I dare you Copper Heads to come after me, you hateful racist inhumane ideologues. I dare you to Boycott me. I dare you to try your Kimberlin inspired “SWATting” tactics on regular Americans like me.   Just remember, everything you do, every tactic you use, will be turned on you, 10 times over, as you saw on Aug. 1st. These Copper Heads have been at war with freedom since Woodrow Wilson, a hundred or so years ago. They will not go away without a fight. Then I say to all you Copper Heads/Goon Squads/democrat operatives, Bring it on, because the Patriots are already screaming “Let’s Roll”.

God Bless America!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another way to an American Recovery…Make it a win-win situation for all involved

The American people need to partake in the American Dream again. Well, first they probably need to believe in the American Dream again. Not to say it’s dead but, let’s be real, I’m sure we can agree, it’s taken a beating. The quickest way I know to get that back is Liquidity. The people have to feel they have the financial security again to Dream.

The only way the President can accomplish this quickly is to bring back a successful program from the past. It’s time to bring back the Oil & Gas Lease Lottery/Mineral Rights lottery and do it in a manner that will bring the average American into the greatest digital land rush in history.  

Understand that some offshore parcels should be awarded immediately to the “majors”, in order to get production moving in the right direction, but the majority can be parceled out for the average American. Let’s allow the people to move towards that “Shining City on the Hill”, beginning with a little prosperity.

The parcels can be broken up into sizes that will allow the Bureau of Land Management to administer the lotteries in a fair and reasonable manner. Thousands upon thousands of parcels can be separated out in specific areas and the BLM can manage the zones so as not to cause unnecessary congestion.  No one person, company or entity can enter a lottery for any given parcel but once and for a fee of say $50 or $100 dollars. There will be a yearly maintenance fee for the winners and then you can decide how to take advantage of the mineral rights of your parcel. Anyone who fills out the paperwork and gets into the lotteries has the same opportunity as the big energy companies of being awarded the mineral rights and the possible future profits.

After the long slow trudge through the economic quagmire that Barack Obama has put the citizens of this country through, my fellow Americans, it’s time you took advantage of some of the natural resources that belong to you, the American people.

Let’s face it, the energy giants would prefer we give them the rights directly without having to pay the American people for it, but I believe it’s up to the American people to decide how their energy future will be paid out. The program will not only pay for itself but it will turn a profit that can be used to pay down the astounding debt that has been choking the economy and was left by the Obama administration.

This is the same formula and type of program that created the cellular and direct talk industries in the 80’s and 90’s. This is an idea whose time has come, but it requires a President who is not beholding to the energy industry. It could be the beginning of an American Renascence that any President would be proud to have as their Legacy, but only a true leader and patriot can carry forward.

I bring this idea to the American people, because of your experience in the Oil & Gas industry and you can understand the benefit of hundreds of new American companies(Wild Caters) and the economic impact this could have in many new areas that the Major energy companies can’t or won’t bring online, but a “little guy” driller will. Imagine the increase in Oil & Gas production for a number of states, not just Alaska and Texas but, Ohio, Pa, W.Va. and all the western states that will have a real income stream from lands they would get little if anything from otherwise.

Any help or ideas you could give me with regards to moving this concept forward in the proper circles, would be most appreciated. Best wishes and may God Bless you and your family.

Best wishes and Warm Regards,


Twitter: @paratisi

You may already own mineral rights and not know it: