Thursday, August 2, 2012

      A different celebration on Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

Please understand that by no means am I claiming to be a writer, nor journalist, nor anything else but a regular Joe, who wants the same opportunities and freedoms as our forefathers. Do not confuse me with some intellectual, academician, nor scholar of any sort. I am just a regular American Joe, stuck in the wilds of a socialist state takeover and asking, “Where is the country of Washington and Franklin and Jefferson and Madison. Where are the intellectual, heavyweight battles, fought by  the likes of Madison, Jefferson and Adams. Where is the courage of men like John Hancock, who purposely wrote his name so big on the Declaration of Independence just so King George would see his name, even without his glasses and left no doubt who stood against the King. This, as opposed to today, when we fight Copper Heads instead of Loyalists. The Copper Heads of old, fought to maintain physical slavery. The Copper Heads of today fight to maintain their financial and intellectual slaves on the slave plantation which is the Democrat party. The thought of us peasants and peons being free to choose anything but what they allow, is anathema to the pseudo-intellectual, elitist wannabe’s( Copper Heads) aka the Democrat party owners of today. Their socialist takeover of the Democrat party almost complete, they now turn their sites on the opposition and getting their “properly indoctrinated” minions to work for the cause of the big government/socialist takeover.

The Democrat operatives and their masters, are doing their damnedest to improve the unemployment problem by hiring and paying their minions to troll internet sites and do whatever they can to stifle and confuse their biggest enemy in the world, the right(conservatives). It’s the latest incarnation of the lefts political prowess. The problem, of course, is the law of unintended consequence. Having proven repeatedly throughout history that they prefer to destroy this country than to live in it without socialism and big government control, they are showing their desperation, by throwing any and everything they can up against the wall to see what sticks and with no thought towards the repercussions of their attacks on fellow Americans. In this election it seems to be coming back to bite them in their backsides.

What the left is accomplishing, so far, is igniting a rather large group of Patriots to use the same guerrilla tactics on sites like ABC, CNN, etc… but that’s only the beginning. Soon you will see the Right’s Patriots, going after the left wing extremists  or Copper Head sites and the rest of the left’s “Goon Squads”. The “Copper Heads, Goon Squads” are starting to see some strange reactions to tactics that only a few weeks or months ago, would start some crazily off topic threads on conservative sites, but today they find a, “whatever Troll” response and an immediate appearance by a group of Patriots on a left wing site, accomplishing the exact thread hijacking that was only just attempted by the left’s “Goon Squads”.  These “Goon Squads” or Copper Heads or Democrat operatives, or whatever you want to call them, are the spiritual descendents of the telemarketers in boiler rooms of the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s, this is the 21st century telemarketer,  now sitting behind a keyboard instead of a phone and in their parents basements, instead of a Boiler Room in Miami. Working in their underwear, instead of thousand dollar suits and silk ties. They are still trying to scam you out of your money, but today they also scam you out of your rights. The Copper Heads of today, instead of running off to Canada, simply walk out on Contempt votes in Congress. Their minions instead of joining the Confederacy are joining the army of Northern Virginia, ie… the Goon Squads of Democrat Operatives trying to demoralize anyone who won’t vote for the Maoist Messiah which occutards the White House at the moment.

The bigger problem for the left, is that the formerly uninterested and uninformed are now getting the other side of the story. This is something the left will fight tooth and nail, because in all things from the political left, “Ignorance is Bliss” and any idea from the right is to be shut down or spun or lied about, amongst the uninformed, immediately, else their carefully crafted indoctrination falls apart like a house of cards in a hurricane. Once that cat, is out of the bag and people start to think for themselves, the Copper Heads’ little world comes apart under the weight of simple common sense and no amount of demeaning or intimidation gets that cat, back into that bag, of used kitty litter, which is liberal ideology.
It is always interesting to see the left’s reaction, when their own tactics are used, effectively against them. The angered hatred that arises on the left is truly funny to watch. The shrill screams of racism will abound. When they see that that’s not working they’ll start getting the Formerly mainstream media involved to try and help stop the “Patriots” but, by that time it, will be too late and they’ll start screaming/whining some other childish response like, “Swift Boating” or whatever they can come up with at that time.

The left is going to have to now spend Millions of dollars more, fighting the “Patriots”, which the so called intellectuals of the left believe, is money that should be going to an already troubled reelection campaign for the ONE that they were waiting for. They will attempt to get the Brett Kimberlin’s of the Democrat party to come after the “Patriots”. They will get operatives in the IRS to confiscate and/or hold bank accounts. They will send any and every hateful attack they can muster.  All this because the Copper Heads, the left, don’t know how to keep the march towards socialism going and fight the ideals the founders put together, for the specific purpose of keeping petty little tyrants like themselves from doing what they are trying to do, without the consent of the people.
I sit here on the 1st of Aug. 2012, having just watched an astounding display, where some people were celebrating Freedom of Speech or Religion. Some people were celebrating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the Copper Heads were angered by the victory of the people over socialist ideals. Yet here I sit celebrating the coming battle to retrieve my beloved country from the ravages of the Copper Heads and their Goon Squads on all aspects of a free society. I celebrate the wisdom of the Founders and the lack of intellectual integrity of the adversary. I celebrate those American modern day Patriots, who refuse to bow to King ObamaTax and his Copper Heads, the way Leonidas and the 300 refused to bow to the oppression of Xerxes, let alone the Copper Heads, trifling trolls, bearing their gifts of hatred, racism and total government control.  I celebrate the Patriots who fight the ignorance instilled by indoctrination. The Copper Head, lack of forethought and/or consideration for the repercussions of their attacks on fellow Americans will not stop until it becomes blatantly obvious, that the damage done to their cause, is greater than any benefit it brings.

So, go on Patriots, use the weight and power of the Copper Heads and their Goon Squads against them. Make them pay for attempting to take your freedom away. Make the Copper Heads feel the pain of their UNAMERICAN ideology of destruction, dominion and humiliation. I celebrate you American Patriots on this 1st of Aug, 2012. Americas Independence Day from big government over reach and socialist oppression, Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day! Thank you Gov. Huckabee!
That Shining City on the Hill must be protected. That true hope of the future put forth by Reagan is a mentality that needs to be maintained and nourished with “Truth to Power” and “American Exceptionalism” and there is no amount of liberal hatred or left wing demoralization, that will prevent us from defending our country from being run into the ground by your “Goon Squads” of paid Democrat operatives and Copper Heads.

I know full well, that I will be attacked with all manner of hateful racist, anti-American accusations and I just don’t care I have nothing left to lose. All the left could accomplish by attacking me or any other American regular Joe, is to make him or her, famous enough to run for office, ala “Joe the Plumber”. So go ahead. I dare you Copper Heads to come after me, you hateful racist inhumane ideologues. I dare you to Boycott me. I dare you to try your Kimberlin inspired “SWATting” tactics on regular Americans like me.   Just remember, everything you do, every tactic you use, will be turned on you, 10 times over, as you saw on Aug. 1st. These Copper Heads have been at war with freedom since Woodrow Wilson, a hundred or so years ago. They will not go away without a fight. Then I say to all you Copper Heads/Goon Squads/democrat operatives, Bring it on, because the Patriots are already screaming “Let’s Roll”.

God Bless America!


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