Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some People Say... I'm A Little ADD...


...That I have a tendency to try to start too many projects and have too many balls in the air, so to speak. Others say I have the same tendency when I write. All I can say, in my defense is, I easily see how totally different subjects can be connected by the proper segue or the proper poetic license. Our President and Euro-Socialsist Ideologue-in-Chief makes it even easier by following, almost word for word, Alinsky, Cloward & Pivin and the Marxist Manifesto. I'll try to show you what I mean.

I heard a radio personality talking about the fact that the ACLU along with Obama's Fed's, are again in court attacking the State of Florida for not providing Kosher meals to inmates. The Host, who shall remain nameless til I can Get Ok to use his name, was very animated and stated: "Let Them Suck on Bread!" One of his first callers to the show added, "If they followed their religion, they would not be in jail, to begin with!" Our host then suggested, "We the people of Florida don't have any obligation to spend millions more dollars, we don't have and I don't care if it's Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu....NO!"

Personally, I think that Prison Systems should be able to contract Charities/Organizations to pay for specialized meals for dietary customs. If the Organizations want access to the prisoners, they can pay for the privilege. Not that lawmakers would ever listen to a "Regular Joe" like you or me, but there it is. Let me just say, that the STATES are burdened enough as it is.

Not to change the subject, but let me change the subject... After all, Obama did "Rape" Medicare of $716Billion(Can You Hear Carl Sagan), 716 BiLLion Dollars.  The state will have to find ways to make up for Obama Stealing 716 BiLLion Dollars from States Medicare to pay for... Get THIS!... Young Peoples Healthcare!(ObamaTaxCare a further burden for states).

Yes, that's right, this "Rape of Medicare", by Obama to pay for "YOUNG PEOPLES HEALTHCARE", can be avoided if enough Democrats lose their seats in the Senate and Romney wins in November. Even then, will Harry Reid and the Democrats Filibuster and continue to block Senate Voting, again.

So keep in mind my fellow American Voters; A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Obama to Rip Off Medicare of 716 BiLLion Dollars from State Medicare. To the contrary a vote for Romney-Ryan is your vote to put those stolen 716 BiLLion Dollars, back into State Medicare. You get to help save Medicare if you vote for Romney-Ryan. Now there's a "Feather in Your Cap"!

Or... we could talk about the "Epic Failure" of the Euro-Socialist Ideologue-in-Chief's, "Extreme Left Wing Ideology". Obama Economy? Let's see, how can I put this? How about?... In a headlong rush to a 'Double Dip Recession" thanks to the "Double Down on Failure" Strategy and policies of, Euro-Socialist Ideals, policies and strategies.

No? Would you rather talk about the Ideology which allows for supplying guns to Gangs,Terrorists and Drug Cartels, for the sake of circumventing the 2nd Amendment. Ideology which Bloodies the Mr. Obama's hands with the Blood of Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata, Thousands of Mexicans (What? Did you stop counting?), Guatemalans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, etc. and this Ideological act, will add to the Death Tolls for years to come.


So if you think my ADD kicked in to hard and I should be Medicated, Please let me know so I can change the subject... two or three times. How are all these connected? I don't know...I thought you were paying attention! Do I have to do everything around here and while I'm at it....

One more thing! Pray for our troops, please! They are the Future that connects us to the past of the Founders!

God Bless America!


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