Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another way to an American Recovery…Make it a win-win situation for all involved

The American people need to partake in the American Dream again. Well, first they probably need to believe in the American Dream again. Not to say it’s dead but, let’s be real, I’m sure we can agree, it’s taken a beating. The quickest way I know to get that back is Liquidity. The people have to feel they have the financial security again to Dream.

The only way the President can accomplish this quickly is to bring back a successful program from the past. It’s time to bring back the Oil & Gas Lease Lottery/Mineral Rights lottery and do it in a manner that will bring the average American into the greatest digital land rush in history.  

Understand that some offshore parcels should be awarded immediately to the “majors”, in order to get production moving in the right direction, but the majority can be parceled out for the average American. Let’s allow the people to move towards that “Shining City on the Hill”, beginning with a little prosperity.

The parcels can be broken up into sizes that will allow the Bureau of Land Management to administer the lotteries in a fair and reasonable manner. Thousands upon thousands of parcels can be separated out in specific areas and the BLM can manage the zones so as not to cause unnecessary congestion.  No one person, company or entity can enter a lottery for any given parcel but once and for a fee of say $50 or $100 dollars. There will be a yearly maintenance fee for the winners and then you can decide how to take advantage of the mineral rights of your parcel. Anyone who fills out the paperwork and gets into the lotteries has the same opportunity as the big energy companies of being awarded the mineral rights and the possible future profits.

After the long slow trudge through the economic quagmire that Barack Obama has put the citizens of this country through, my fellow Americans, it’s time you took advantage of some of the natural resources that belong to you, the American people.

Let’s face it, the energy giants would prefer we give them the rights directly without having to pay the American people for it, but I believe it’s up to the American people to decide how their energy future will be paid out. The program will not only pay for itself but it will turn a profit that can be used to pay down the astounding debt that has been choking the economy and was left by the Obama administration.

This is the same formula and type of program that created the cellular and direct talk industries in the 80’s and 90’s. This is an idea whose time has come, but it requires a President who is not beholding to the energy industry. It could be the beginning of an American Renascence that any President would be proud to have as their Legacy, but only a true leader and patriot can carry forward.

I bring this idea to the American people, because of your experience in the Oil & Gas industry and you can understand the benefit of hundreds of new American companies(Wild Caters) and the economic impact this could have in many new areas that the Major energy companies can’t or won’t bring online, but a “little guy” driller will. Imagine the increase in Oil & Gas production for a number of states, not just Alaska and Texas but, Ohio, Pa, W.Va. and all the western states that will have a real income stream from lands they would get little if anything from otherwise.

Any help or ideas you could give me with regards to moving this concept forward in the proper circles, would be most appreciated. Best wishes and may God Bless you and your family.

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You may already own mineral rights and not know it:

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